Sunday, February 27, 2005

New Items, Sunday

Old Europe Mark Steyn, Sun Times
Lindsay Lohan new Andilinks page
Hilary Duff new Andilinks page

Friday, February 25, 2005

New Items, Friday

Science of Matter, Space and Time Fermilab
Evan Williams' Podcasting Venture NYT reg req
iRiver iPod alternative
MovieLens via RedFerret
Trust Project about web based social networks

Thursday, February 24, 2005

New Items, Thursday

Norah Jones new Andilinks page
Sunglasses new Andilinks page
InfoVisual Visual dictionary
VoIP Now weblog/news
AutoLink Disabler Jscript for webmasters
Though if G truly has passed over to the "evil" side they simply could penalize SERPS for running this script. So, "Do no evil" = "Trust me."

SendtoFTP right click FTP utility
blogads about blogs
FilmTrust via RedFerret
Maybe a YASN that doesn't scale well, but worth keeping an eye on.

The Overstretch Myth Foreign Affairs via A&LDaily

An excellent analysis, but a difficult subject for many.

Summary: The United States' current account deficit and foreign debt are not dire threats to its global position, as would-be Cassandras warn. U.S. power is firmly grounded on economic superiority and financial stability that will not end soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Items, Wednesday

Lots of video links today. This routine is going to work well, today I have written a macro to change the HTML from the other format to this one in a single click, so I'll have more time for comments in the future. Today was a very busy day, errands, shopping etc. broadband TV
Dell's 42" Plasma HDTV
Vimeo like flickr for video
10 Minute RSS Primer threadwatch

New Items, Tuesday

I will be posting "New Items" here. There will be a delay, fresher postings can be found at

Info Sector Statistics new Andilinks page
Openwares freeware development
Google Draws Ire with Autolink
Liveplasma music/movie engine, via RedFerret
.htaccess tool
Global Warming der Spiegel via A&LDaily
Competitive Intelligence Res Index ResearchBuzz
TVforus online streams
Web Search Garage Pandia Award

Friday, February 18, 2005

The sound of a pendulum changing directions

There is still some hope that the left and the Democratic party is not actually going to follow Kos and his friends into the "**** you oblivion" that appears to be their goal.
It's possible, just possible that the grand ocean liner that is "the left" may be able to change course before I am forced to jump off. If so this piece may signal that change.

I thank The Anchoress for this and the metaphor in my title.

Monday, February 14, 2005

More on "why not a blog?"

In order to be noticed one must be:

1) The first
2) The best
3) Different

1) I can't be the first or even among the first. My first blogger account began in early 2002 and had I pursued it then I perhaps could have been among the first. But I let it lie fallow and I don't think I even have the password to that account anymore, it is defunct. I began Andilinks instead because it seemed like the best vehicle for learning about the internet (and organizing what I learned). It is true that the entire site is the external portion of my study notes. :)

2) As much as I admire my own discipline and abilities I entertain no fantasy that I could be among the best bloggers.

3) Andilinks is different, and I am very good at this different modality. Here I have a shot at being noticed. BTW, Andilinks is doing well with ad revenues, better I suspect than all but the very top ranks of the blogosphere. So compared with blogs, Andilinks is a better business model and much more scalable. And different.

It is also idiosyncratic enough to be very difficult to copy and maintain. Yes, it would be very easy to copy and paste, but to maintain the back end would require a programming effort such that it would be easier to just begin from scratch. Something I may have to do one day myself--with the benefit of having done it once the hard way.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"New Items" working well...

Why not just a blog? Well, blogs are more clumsy than a headline service like "New Items." The home page already gets a lot of built-in traffic which is increasing more rapidly than I had anticipated with the "New Items" feature.

The drawback of less comment space can be overcome simply by linking to this page and commenting here--if need be. But most often I'd prefer not to comment anyway, and that's why a blog seems too clumsy. There is the temptation to do too much with it and "be all things" and I think I'm pushing the edge of that boundary now. I must define the limits of "New Items" more carefully. I cannot add too many news items, just those that I think may be under covered elsewhere. "New Items" should be limited to just useful links and links to useful tools.

RSS syndication for "New Items" would be difficult, perhaps beyond my level of competence. I don't want to mess with coding any more if I don't have to, I want to spend my time surfing, selecting and posting. I'd prefer that people just visit the site and not get it fed to their reader. Maybe that's not realistic for the long-term but it seems to be working now.