Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Survival of Western Civilization

The title of this post is the title of Robert Ringer's essay sent to me by my Twitter friend @SteveBayrd today. He asked me to comment and no comment worthy of this piece would fit in a tweet or three. As a libertarian I agree with Ringer completely, we may differ only in prioritizing the various threats but are in total agreement that these threats could bring down our civilization. I am also in agreement with his conclusion that practical conservatism must partner with libertarianism though I do need some elaboration on practical conservatism. He makes many important points that I have not listed here, please read the whole thing.

Ringer's arguments:

1. For political systems reality trumps theory.
2. Real communism, enforced by dictatorship, never becomes what theory predicts.
3. Theoretical libertarianism cannot exist in reality.
4. Libertarianism by its nature cannot be enforced.
5. Our civilization is under attack from within and without.
6. Libertarianism alone cannot stand against these attacks.
7. Practical conservatism must partner with libertarianism as junior partner.