Sunday, December 20, 2009

Political Correctness

Progressives are engaged in a deliberate war upon our culture strategized by Marxists of the Frankfurt school. Political correctness is a weapon they use against us and to show any weakness here is to lose the game they have intentionally set up for us.

It would blow their minds if we were to lose the guilt they have laid upon us and march forward with our heads held high. Any nod to Political Correctness should be done with full irony, not with a sheepish guilt. A rhetoric of anti-political correctness is the tactic I want to embrace, not anything that gives them any traction toward making us feel guilty for the sins of people long dead.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

American Tribes, Race and the US Constitution

There is a piece in the American Thinker this morning titled Look Who's Clubbing Tiger Woods Now. In it the author Claude Sandroff comments that Juan Williams, Jesse Washington and Eugene Robinson are not really upset with Tiger because he cheated on his wife, or because he took a drugged snooze on a lawn after crashing his car, but because his wife and all his mistresses are white. Sandroff goes on to describe Tiger Woods' racial heritage and his attitudes about race as well as comparing him to Barack Obama and Obama's claim to authenticity by having married into the African-American Tribe. You should read that article, he goes into important things that I'm not going to address here.

Here I am simply going off on the tangent about "tribes" because I think it is the most important subject that Sandroff touched upon. These overlap of course and can be divided into loyalties and interests of varying degrees. But when push comes to shove and we must pick one we know which tribe is our own. This subject is much too rich for me to address in a single blog post and I'm only going to be able to define a few characteristics of some tribes here. But identifying loyalties is more important when people of differing loyalties are at odds in a serious way.

My own original heritage is that of a liberal hippie tribe, but I gradually realized that my greatest loyalty should be to the US Constitution and not to the tribe that hates it the way the hippies do. The constitution is not a perfect document and I'm not going to go into its flaws now but I am going to assert that its greatest strength is that it created a wealthy America that could feed the world, literally leave the earth and could populate the universe if only it is allowed to survive. My argument here is that it must survive and that those of us who believe in it must fight for it with every fiber of our beings.

The most vicious lie told about the constitution is that it reflects the slaveholder's sensibility. It does not. It contains a clause that acknowledges that slavery existed at the time it was written but the inclusion of the ⅔ clause was in fact an anti-slavery move and not one that demeaned the personhood of the slaves.

I think that the most racially oriented tribe is the one that is most responsible for promoting the lie about slaveholders and the constitution. But even if there were some concession to slaveholders in the body of the document it was corrected in the amendments adopted after the Civil War.

I am going to explore and expand on this subject in the coming weeks, but it is something that has been bothering me for some time. The Global Warming religion defines a tribe I once belonged to and it now is trying to take over the world with an environmental dictatorship. Environmental concerns are real but this movement is criminal. Other tribes are more or less benign and there is much overlap.

Defining tribes and loyalties is a subject I am going to remain most devoted to for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure if "tribes" is necessarily the best term to describe all the divisions but for now and for this post it was most useful.