Monday, April 12, 2010

FAQs, Protocols, Presentations for Converts

This has developed out of my effort to recruit and encourage minority participation in the Tea Party. That, I think is still a brilliant idea and I am going to continue in earnest. Most of the responses I've been getting have been snarky Obot trolls attacking me, but I have gotten a few sincere inquiries about the advantages of being on the right. I'm reasonably good at handling such inquiries but it occurred to me that there will be a flood of such requests as Obama's appeal wanes.

Having FAQs, especially for minorities or other special cases, would be very valuable. If one is actually soliciting participation as I am it will be most efficient to have these materials handy or committed to memory .

I will be adding to this post on a regular basis, so if you too are trying to cope with many new converts it will pay to stop back or subscribe to the feed.

I will be collecting and collating these FAQs, Protocols, Presentations and will post or link them here. — Contact Andi