Monday, February 12, 2007

Lots of Progress

I should post more often with so much going on with the AndiFashion site. I added the dozen or so Fashion Week designers that weren't already listed.

The Shoe Section has doubled, I added about 250 new designers/brands and the whole section has doubled from three pages to six.

I have updated the Fashion Blog section and now for the next week or so I'll be reading these blogs and scouring them for the new and the hot... I've already found dozens of new retailers but these won't be integrated into the site for a week or so.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fashion Week Designers

I have updated sixteen Andifashion categories since the last post and will now be adding any omitted fashion week designers who have web sites. It's not exactly a trip to New York but I will indulge myself with a complete viewing of the web site. Finding designer's web sites can sometimes be tedious because even though there may be lengthy runway videos the designer's link is not given. And designers, when they even have sites, seldom rank well in search engines even for their own names. Often the designer's site is a work of flash art with little or no actual text that a search engine can index.

On the bright side of this my work in finding their sites can be appreciated by others who are also looking.