Friday, September 30, 2005

Maybe this blogging thing will catch on.

What’s up with Bloglines? Russell Beattie
I've been wondering this myself, I'm glad Russell has done some work on it...

Consumer Spending, Personal Income Gloom from Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture.
Not a good picture if you've been hoping for more expansion, but as Jim Cramer says, "there's always a bull market somewhere."

I plan to check out Debra Messing's Style Shops in the example of
ROLLYO, a personal search with a social aspect.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Should I go back to posting New Items here?

The main site is finally back in the Google index but is still suffering from some kind of penalty which has led me to this: maybe I should blog. This occurred to me as I began adding "New Items" and realized that I wanted to add blog-like commentary.

While figuring out how to get my Google traffic back I may as well try my hand at blogging, though I've tried before with some limited success.

PC vs. Mac: Why I might Switch Back... Russell Beattie
Russell is very smart but we disagree a lot. Once he banned my IP from his blog and I haven't left many comments since even though I left that IP behind long ago.

Notes and Comment on the Launch of TimesSelect PressThink
Goodbye NYT

More TiVo treachery and betrayal boing boing
Goodbye TiVo, again.

FireANT Not TV
I haven't downloaded this but it looks intriguing and is gaining popularity.