Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Searchable now

Today my Twitter account became searchable again after following instructions here: It was easy, first submit a help request here. Then:

Send a polite tweet to @delbius by tweeting this text (with YOUR ticket number where indicated): @delbius I'm being filtered out of search. @andilinks says you can help? My ticket number is #____. Thanks! Info @

Best of luck

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Twitter Irregularities, Unsearchable, Censored

For quite some time, months, my tweets have not appeared in Twitter Search. Additionally it has seemed that at some time my tweets began to get far too few responses for the number of followers that are recorded for my account. I would occasionally meet other users with similar experiences. Since most of my tweets are of a conservative nature I began to worry that the Twitter management being mostly liberal had begun censoring users that were more effective. Certainly there have been many stories that Google scrubs its archive and cache of items damaging to the Obama Administration and so it is entirely plausible that Twitter may also do the same.

So I have begun collecting emails from people who seem to have similar experiences by occasionally soliciting them with a tweet. It has been slower going than I had hoped but at some point I will have collected enough to have a statistically significant sample. In the mean time I will begin analyzing the emails that I do get to determine how widespread the problem is and to sort out the few mails that describe other problems not related to the one I'm having.

I am compiling and saving all these emails. I back up the list regularly and will be sharing a tabulation as we approach Twitter management with our complaints and develop a media strategy should Twitter be unresponsive.

I will add to or edit this post as I make progress but will not begin a new post on this subject until I have reached some conclusion, though not necessarily a final conclusion.

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