Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Home Page

As much fun as I've had compiling the current home page I'm afraid that it is not going to survive in its current form. It simply is not pulling its weight as compared to the rest of the site, especially considering that it competes for the position of most trafficked page.

Many have said it is ugly and many are frightened or put off by the clutter. But I find it very useful and well organized and many others do as well, so I will probably continue it at another URL, but it can no longer remain the default page.

I have made a lot of progress--though it's probably not immediately visible--with women's wear and pop music. That will continue to be the direction that Andilinks takes...

I may begin a fine art site, but it will be entirely separate from Andilinks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Redesigning Andilinks

So it's time to do an overhaul, not just a facelift. I'd really like to add some snazzy new technology but just redoing the appearance is my main goal at the moment.

I will be converting the layout from tables to css and that will be taking some time since I plan to continue updating the site and adding new pages while doing the redesign. Though the "look" of the site should remain uniform I cannot change everything at once, I've got to consider how Google reacts to the new design. I have heard about and experienced problems with the indexing just because of design changes. So I'll begin with just one or two pages and see how that goes. I have always begun new designs on the home page and I'll continue that practice.

I'll probably try some experiments there but nothing so jarring that you won't recognize the place.

I would really like suggestions but I don't expect much, I seldom get comments of any kind from people who don't want a link or have something to sell. I do get a lot of traffic though, I must be doing something right.